What is the Price of an MRI?

The MRI is increasingly requested by medical evidence because it offers a fascinating to know the structures and organs of the human body information. It is a safe and painless test that uses no radiation, but magnets and powerful radio waves to create images of the body.

It can be performed on different parts of the body, with different goals. Here are some of the most accomplished:

Resonance of the lumbar spine provides detailed imaging of this area, including bones, discs, and other structures of the lower back. It can detect problems with bones (vertebrae), soft tissues (such as the spinal cord), nerves, and discs.

Cranial Resonance allows detailed imaging of the brain and surrounding nerve tissues. It is performed to diagnose and monitor many diseases and disorders such as congenital anomaly of the brain, bleeding in the brain, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis or causes of headaches among others.

With particular MRI test scan, detailed images of joints, muscles or tissues are obtained.

Abdominal MRI provides detailed imaging of the abdominal area. It is usually done to examine the blood flow in the abdomen, blood vessels in the abdomen, the cause of swelling or abdominal pain or lymph nodes in the abdomen.

Mammary MRI provides a detailed view of the breasts. It is used to pinpoint the location of the lesion when it is necessary to plan a surgery, define its size or assess the characteristics of the lesion before starting the chemotherapy treatment.

There are other types of magnetic resonance imaging, such as cardiac, prostatic, trans-rectal, magnetic resonance angiography or MRI for the study of cerebrospinal fluid.

MRI of Head and Spine MRI

MRI of the brain with contrast – a very common procedure. It allows a detailed study of head and neck vessels to detect pathological processes, cysts, metastases, the traumatic effects and tumor formation. This type of imaging also reveals the nature of the tumor, to distinguish benign from malignant. Also, the contrast agent used in MRI of the brain makes it possible to detect Alzheimer’s disease.

Conventional magnetic imaging without reinforcement also gives accurate results in the study of the brain and neck vessels. Thanks to it, you can identify the pathological processes in the early stages of their development and time to choose the most efficient treatment.

How much is an MRI test Cost worth?

The MRI test Cost  varies depending on the center where the test is performed. If the required test is for two anatomical regions, the MRI price usually depends on whether it is done in an open or closed resonance device.

The test usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Some recommendations have to be fulfilled, like fasting six hours before the test or not carrying metallic elements and it is mandatory to have a prescription of a doctor.

It is performed with the patient lying on a table that slides into a tunnel, in which he must remain still. The machine, during the test, emits loud sounds that can annoy the patient. For people with claustrophobia, open or closed resonance with sedation is recommended.


What are Common Reasons for an Abnormal CT Scan ?

Several diseases, injuries, and conditions of the human body can lead to an abnormal CT scan. Some of the problems or conditions responsible for these unusual outcomes include diseases and disorders of the head, neck, and chest. Also, diseases and injuries involving abdominal organs and other parts of the body occur as variations of a CT-scan.

CT scans are an excellent imaging tool for doctors. A particular type of radiography, these scans provide radiologists and physicians with cross-sectional images of the body. It can allow doctors to see what can show traditional X-rays, and the image with higher resolution produces better diagnoses and more clarity. These tests are a standard diagnostic tool in hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

A doctor may prescribe a head scan or cancel brains to evaluate the many blood vessels and soft tissues that exist. Tumors, aneurysms, and hemorrhages are the possible causes of an abnormal CT of the head or brain. Other possible causes of abnormal results include skull deformities, such as fracture, and temporal bone diseases, which can be the cause of hearing problems.

The soft tissues of the neck and structures related to the spinal cord can also be evaluated using this technology. In this case, an abnormal computed tomography may be linked to a hernia or lymph nodes. Fractures or ruptures of the spine and stenosis are also the possible causes of an annoying result in these areas of the body.

An abnormal CT scan may also appear on the results of breast imaging. When a doctor commands a sweep of the chest, it is usually diseases or affections of the lungs, like pulmonary embolism, tumor, or liquid around the lungs. Other possible defects on a safe scanner to record evidence of emphysema or pneumonia.

Scans of the abdomen and pelvis may also result in abnormal test results. Some of the most common reasons for an abnormal CT scan test results in these areas may include wounds and diseases of internal organs. Other possible causes of abnormal results include colon or kidney cancer and a hernia.

Other troublesome CT results of the analysis depend on the body part. Thus, CT may reveal one of the leg or arms of blood clots, tumors or infections that. In another example, may show a sinus scan and infections of sinus obstructions.

  • Abnormal pelvic and abdominal scans are usually caused by appendicitis.
  • Abnormal CT scan abdomen can be caused by injury or disease internal abdominal organs.
  • The presence of colon cancer can produce different results on a CT scan.
  • A physician may order a CT scan of the sinuses of a patient with chronic sinus infections.
  • When a doctor prescribes a safe scan, it is usually looking for diseases or disorders of the lungs.
  • A doctor may prescribe a head scan to assess the risk of injury to soft tissue.

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What Can You Learn From CT Scan Of Your Brain?

CT scan or computed tomography is an imaging technique that uses rotating X-Rays to generate images of parts of body. CT scan creates creates cross sectional views of parts of the organ by taking 2D images of slices of that organ.
CT scanner converts these images into a 3D view with the help of a computerised machine.

CT Scan Brain
The 3D view of cross sections of parts of organ help doctors to study the details about a tumor, brain stroke, vascular condition and other related diseases that can affect brain or head.

Echogenic Concretion In Kidney

Causes of Kidney Stones

Function of kidneys is to filter the waste products and these filtered wastes are then go out of body through urine. When waste materials in the urine are not completely soluble then they start depositing in form of crystals and kidney stones are formed.

When these stones grow to 2mm to 3 mm then they start creating obstruction in flow of urine. This resukts in pain that is felt commonly in lower abdomen, ureter and groin.

Kidney stones are formed when balance of fluid and minerals is not proper.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones –

Severe pain
Vomiting and nausea
Increased frequency of urination
Pain in abdomen
Blood in urine

Kidney stones can be diagnosed through ultrasound, abdominal ct scan or mri of abdomen.

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Brain Tumor Symptoms – Brain MRI

When we talk of of brain tumor symptoms, there may no symptoms or there may be symptoms such as severe headaches, blurred, loss of vision and much more.

Symptoms depend of various factors such as the location of tumor, organs it has effected, in what stage is the tumor.

Blurred vision may be due to the location of tumor near some optical nerve. Similarly problem is speech can be due to a tumor close to related nerve.

Various brain MRI scans and other examinations may be needed to diagnose exact condition of the tumor.

Sometimes there are other symptoms as well. Some specific tumor location can lead to change in personality as well .

A tumor in the base of brain can lead to hormonal disorders because that is the place where all hormonal development takes place.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should get them tested as soon as possible. to avoid any severe life threatening conditions.

MRI scans play very important role in examining all these symptoms and giving a detailed report.


Magnetic Resonance Angiography – Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) both use strong magnetic field to create images. The difference in two technologies is that —

(1) MRA comparatively is a newer technology than MRI

(2) MRI is used to examine bones, joints, soft tissues, internal organs etc whereas MRA is used to examine health of blood vessels and arteries.

(3) Angiography can be performed using X Ray and CT scan also but magnetic resonance angiography is recommended because it gives better results and it is non invasive. Doctor may ask for fluid intake to create better contrast images.

(4) Preparations for both MRI and MRA are almost same. You should ask the radiology expert and doctor about any special preparations in case if you are pregnant or any medication is going on.

(5) MRA can detect blockages in blood vessels while MRI cannot.

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