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Know The Right Cost For Your CT Scan

Know the right for ct scan
Right Price For CT Scan

CT scan, also known as computed tomography is an imaging technique used to carry out examination of internal organs of the body. It provides cross sectional view of the organ so clear that one can actually feel the exact shape and structure of that part.
CT scan uses computer generated radiations. Modern CT scanners use helical or spiral scanning process which generate very clear picture using rotating x rays. Normal x – ray technique cannot generate this type of images.

Cost of CT scan is higher because of the time it takes in scanning and also because it can be carried out only by well trained technician. Machine and maintenance costs are also very high.

Prices for the ct scan imaging of same part of body may differ highly from one lab to other and also based on what kind of scan one needs, plain or contrast, 1.5 T or 3T. has made this really simple for the people looking for a ct scan to know the right price for test.

Process is simple —

Logon to the online portal for 3H care
Search for labs in your locality or nearby or your preferred location.
Add the labs of your choice to the compare list
Compare prices and other facilities
Choose which suits you best.
Book and pay online

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