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CT Scan Vs Ultrasound, Whats the difference?

CT Scan Vs Ultrasound, Whats the difference?

Technical Difference Between CT Scan and Ultrasound

CT Scan uses rotating x-rays and the radiations emitted by the CT scanner are of the magnitude of 2 to 10 msv. Which is equal to what an average person receives in 3 – 5 years from background radiations.
Whereas ultrasound used sound waves and there are no radiations involved in this. Ultrasounds are safe for pregnant women but CT scan is not recommended until and unless absolutely necessary.

Cost –

CT scans are much higher in cost than ultrasound. Cost of different ct scans may vary largely but in case of ultrasound difference is not too high.

Time Taken –

CT scans take 60 secs for scan and hence body movement does not effect scan. Scan time for ct scan is generally 30 se however. Whereas ultrasound takes 10 – 15 mins for scanning.

Body Parts that they can scan

CT scanner can scan bony structures in the body while ultrasounds are used for internal organs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

CT scan produces higher contrast images. Single scan can give very clear picture of the bidy part that doctor wants to observe. Hence in most of the cases no further scan is needed.
CT scans can cause cancer specially lung and colon cancer

Ultrasounds are safe in comparison to CT scan. No such negative effect of ultrasound have been seen yet on humans.

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