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Brain Tumor Symptoms – Brain MRI

When we talk of of brain tumor symptoms, there may no symptoms or there may be symptoms such as severe headaches, blurred, loss of vision and much more.

Symptoms depend of various factors such as the location of tumor, organs it has effected, in what stage is the tumor.

Blurred vision may be due to the location of tumor near some optical nerve. Similarly problem is speech can be due to a tumor close to related nerve.

Various brain MRI scans and other examinations may be needed to diagnose exact condition of the tumor.

Sometimes there are other symptoms as well. Some specific tumor location can lead to change in personality as well .

A tumor in the base of brain can lead to hormonal disorders because that is the place where all hormonal development takes place.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should get them tested as soon as possible. to avoid any severe life threatening conditions.

MRI scans play very important role in examining all these symptoms and giving a detailed report.