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Tests To Detect Oesophageal Cancer

Usually, oesophageal cancers are discovered when a person has signs or symptoms. If oesophageal cancer is suspected, studies and tests will be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. If cancer is discovered, additional tests will be performed to help determine the extent of cancer.


Medical history and physical exam

If you have symptoms of oesophageal cancer, the doctor will ask questions about your medical history to analyze possible risk factors and learn more about the symptoms.

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What are Common Reasons for an Abnormal CT Scan ?

Several diseases, injuries, and conditions of the human body can lead to an abnormal CT scan. Some of the problems or conditions responsible for these unusual outcomes include diseases and disorders of the head, neck, and chest. Also, diseases and injuries involving abdominal organs and other parts of the body occur as variations of a CT-scan.

CT scans are an excellent imaging tool for doctors. A particular type of radiography, these scans provide radiologists and physicians with cross-sectional images of the body. It can allow doctors to see what can show traditional X-rays, and the image with higher resolution produces better diagnoses and more clarity. These tests are a standard diagnostic tool in hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

A doctor may prescribe a head scan or cancel brains to evaluate the many blood vessels and soft tissues that exist. Tumors, aneurysms, and hemorrhages are the possible causes of an abnormal CT of the head or brain. Other possible causes of abnormal results include skull deformities, such as fracture, and temporal bone diseases, which can be the cause of hearing problems.

The soft tissues of the neck and structures related to the spinal cord can also be evaluated using this technology. In this case, an abnormal computed tomography may be linked to a hernia or lymph nodes. Fractures or ruptures of the spine and stenosis are also the possible causes of an annoying result in these areas of the body.

An abnormal CT scan may also appear on the results of breast imaging. When a doctor commands a sweep of the chest, it is usually diseases or affections of the lungs, like pulmonary embolism, tumor, or liquid around the lungs. Other possible defects on a safe scanner to record evidence of emphysema or pneumonia.

Scans of the abdomen and pelvis may also result in abnormal test results. Some of the most common reasons for an abnormal CT scan test results in these areas may include wounds and diseases of internal organs. Other possible causes of abnormal results include colon or kidney cancer and a hernia.

Other troublesome CT results of the analysis depend on the body part. Thus, CT may reveal one of the leg or arms of blood clots, tumors or infections that. In another example, may show a sinus scan and infections of sinus obstructions.

  • Abnormal pelvic and abdominal scans are usually caused by appendicitis.
  • Abnormal CT scan abdomen can be caused by injury or disease internal abdominal organs.
  • The presence of colon cancer can produce different results on a CT scan.
  • A physician may order a CT scan of the sinuses of a patient with chronic sinus infections.
  • When a doctor prescribes a safe scan, it is usually looking for diseases or disorders of the lungs.
  • A doctor may prescribe a head scan to assess the risk of injury to soft tissue.

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What Can You Learn From CT Scan Of Your Brain?

CT scan or computed tomography is an imaging technique that uses rotating X-Rays to generate images of parts of body. CT scan creates creates cross sectional views of parts of the organ by taking 2D images of slices of that organ.
CT scanner converts these images into a 3D view with the help of a computerised machine.

CT Scan Brain
The 3D view of cross sections of parts of organ help doctors to study the details about a tumor, brain stroke, vascular condition and other related diseases that can affect brain or head.

CT Scan Vs Ultrasound, Whats the difference?

CT Scan Vs Ultrasound, Whats the difference?

Technical Difference Between CT Scan and Ultrasound

CT Scan uses rotating x-rays and the radiations emitted by the CT scanner are of the magnitude of 2 to 10 msv. Which is equal to what an average person receives in 3 – 5 years from background radiations.
Whereas ultrasound used sound waves and there are no radiations involved in this. Ultrasounds are safe for pregnant women but CT scan is not recommended until and unless absolutely necessary.

Cost –

CT scans are much higher in cost than ultrasound. Cost of different ct scans may vary largely but in case of ultrasound difference is not too high.

Time Taken –

CT scans take 60 secs for scan and hence body movement does not effect scan. Scan time for ct scan is generally 30 se however. Whereas ultrasound takes 10 – 15 mins for scanning.

Body Parts that they can scan

CT scanner can scan bony structures in the body while ultrasounds are used for internal organs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

CT scan produces higher contrast images. Single scan can give very clear picture of the bidy part that doctor wants to observe. Hence in most of the cases no further scan is needed.
CT scans can cause cancer specially lung and colon cancer

Ultrasounds are safe in comparison to CT scan. No such negative effect of ultrasound have been seen yet on humans.

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