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Echogenic Concretion In Kidney

Causes of Kidney Stones

Function of kidneys is to filter the waste products and these filtered wastes are then go out of body through urine. When waste materials in the urine are not completely soluble then they start depositing in form of crystals and kidney stones are formed.

When these stones grow to 2mm to 3 mm then they start creating obstruction in flow of urine. This resukts in pain that is felt commonly in lower abdomen, ureter and groin.

Kidney stones are formed when balance of fluid and minerals is not proper.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones –

Severe pain
Vomiting and nausea
Increased frequency of urination
Pain in abdomen
Blood in urine

Kidney stones can be diagnosed through ultrasound, abdominal ct scan or mri of abdomen.

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